LC Crane Parts Partners with Python America
8/9/2017 4:07:02 PM

LC Crane is now a proud partner of wire rope manufacturer Python America.

Wire rope may sound simple, but it is a complex part of a crane, one whose primary function is the transmission of tensile forces. Wire rope allows cranes to change the direction of "pull” repeatedly. It does this through reeving systems incorporating drums and sheaves.

"We worked with another wire rope company that specialized in Korean wire rope and found it wasn't up to par," says Phil Woodruff with LC Crane. The German-made Python product is a better fit for German-made cranes, as it meets the specifications of Terex, Demag and other brands LC Cranes services.

General purpose rope constructions are standardized in national (ASTM, CSA) and international standards (ISO). However, Python high performance rope constructions offer significantly improved operating life through adaptation of engineered rope geometry and purpose designed manufacturing processes. Characteristics of PYTHON wire rope include higher breaking strength, greater flexibility, better rotation resistance, and extended rope life.

Applications for our high-performance Python wire ropes include:

  • Overhead Cranes
  • Scrap and Grab Cranes
  • Tower Cranes
  • Mobile Cranes
  • Boom Hoist Lines
  • Winch Lines

Python Wire Rope Selection includes the following:

Python Construct-6: For applications that call for a crush-resistant rope to be used on multiple layer winding systems.

Python Compac 18 rotation resistant

Python Compac 18 rotation resistant: The same design geometry as 19x7 but due to a larger number of individual wires it is more flexible. The rope is strand-compacted to provide better drum spooling and less mechanical interlocking at the cross-over points. Recommended as standard rope type for Grove, Terex, National, Century and other U.S. made truck- and mobile cranes.

Python Compac 35 non-rotating

Python Compac 35 non-rotating: Used on tower and European type mobile cranes.

Python Hoist non-rotating plastic coated core

Python Hoist non-rotating plastic coated core: A medium strength, high fatigue-resistant non-rotating type.

Additional types include:

  • Python Super 8R: The next step up from regular 8x36 wire rope for overhead cranes, Super 8R can operate with fleet angles up to 4 degrees.
  • Python Super 8C: A classic "upgrade” rope for all overhead crane types, Super 8C delivers increased rope service life performance while maintaining the ability to operate with fleet angles up to 4 degrees. The 8-strand construction provides an excellent combination of flexibility, fatigue life and abrasion resistance. This rope is also the idea choice for container cranes and port cranes.
  • Python Super 8V: This upgrade rope for all overhead crane types. Overhead cranes need stronger rope to increase the crane capacity while maintaining the ability to operate with fleet angles of up to 4 degrees. The 8-strand construction provides an excellent combination of flexibility and abrasion resistance.
  • Python Multi: Developed for maximum performance on overhead cranes. This rope features a plastic-coated core for extended fatigue life performance and permanent core lubrication. Python Multi is recommended for looping- or accumulator tower applications.
  • Python Power-9: is an all-steel high-strength rope for overhead cranes. It is swage compacted to enhance abrasion characteristics and reduce sheave- and drum wear. It features up to 40 percent strength increase over standard 6-strand constructions.
  • Python Ultra: Is an ultra-high strength type mainly used as high fatigue-resistant rope for engineered cable assemblies. It features up to 55 percent strength increase over standard 6-strand constructions.
  • Python Lift non-rotating compacted: A high strength super flexible true non-rotating rope. Oval outer strands provide for excellent sheave and drum contact area. It’s used on many Manitowoc cranes.

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