15 More Crane Parts

15 More Crane Parts
7/27/2016 5:45:22 PM
Being able to pinpoint and tell the difference between crane parts is important for any crane crew. There are plenty of parts you need to be able to pick out and describe to be able to do your job effectively.

To get you started on familiarizing yourself with this machine, we described 15 parts used in the construction of overhead crane parts that you needed to know. However, we didn’t finish. There are many other parts that make this complex and hard-working machine functional. In this blog, you can read up on 15 more parts to expand your knowledge of the different components that make up the overhead crane.

cranes in action!

1. Automatic Crane.
When activated and pre-programmed by an operator, an automatic crane goes through a preset cycle or cycles.

2. Cab.
The cab is the compartment where the crane operator sits.

3. Box Section.
A box section is a rectangular cross section of girders or trucks that are enclosed on four sides.

4. Brake of Bridge Crane Control.
This method of bridge crane controlling speed puts energy in the opposite direction or removes energy from the moving body.

5. Bridge Rail.
The trolley travels across the bridge rail, which is supported by the bridge girders.

6. Bridge Travel.
When the crane moves in the direction parallel to the crane runway.

7. Bumper (Buffer).
The bumper absorbs energy to reduce impact when a moving crane reaches the end of where it can travel or when two cranes collide.

8. Bridge (Crane) Travel.
When the crane moves in bridge (crane) travel, it is moving in a direction parallel to the crane runway. This is another term that means the same thing as bridge travel, described above.

9. Cab-Operated Crane.
The operator uses this cab on the bridge or trolley to operate a Bridge Crane Controlled crane.

10. Camber.
The camber is the slight upward vertical curve given to girders to compensate for the hook load and crane weight deflection.

11. CMAA.
An abbreviation for the Crane Manufacturers Association of America, Inc.

12. Fixed Bogie.
The fixed bogie is a short end truck connected to one girder. Between girders, a flexible end tie equalizes the wheel loads using torsional deflection of girders and the flexing of the end tie.

13. Normal Cab.
The compartment where operators sit for Bridge Crane Controlling a cab-operated crane.

14. Pneumatic Brake.
This braking methods operates in Bridge Crane Controlling or powering a drive by compressing gas.

15. Skeleton Cab.
This skeleton cab is used by an operator for powering a floor- or remote-operated crane.

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