5 Signs That Your Crane Parts Might Need to be Replaced

5 Signs That Your Crane Parts Might Need to be Replaced
7/3/2019 9:22:14 AM

After repeatedly using a crane for so many years, some of the crane parts will need to be replaced. Having these replacement parts readily available can help you avoid a potential accident, but how can you tell when exactly they need to be replaced? There is one name for crane part replacements in Georgia: LC Crane. Continue reading as we dive into five warning signs that your crane parts are failing.

1. Hook damage

A crane hook is one of the most critical components of a lift. With too much strain from inaccurate weight assessments, the hook can crack, warp, or bend and ultimately lose its lifting power.

2. Weak ropes

Weather damage is similar to corrosion in that it can cause parts like ropes to become fragile, weak, or dry. Regular maintenance like oiling can help delay this occurrence, however, several companies do not have the manpower or time to regularly do this.

3. Noticeable corrosion

As mentioned above, weather is a huge factor in crane part failure. In warmer months, heat can cause the crane’s protective layers to become susceptible to corrosion. Snow and rain can also bring about concerns of electrical shorts and severely corrode the crane’s metal parts.

4. Cracked or bent chains

Determining chain quality requires close inspection, and the strain of lifting excessive weights all the time can put its quality in jeopardy. This is not something that can be determined with a quick glance, and can be disastrous if not caught in time. Inspect all links directly and closely and do not skip a step during the inspection process.

5. Pads that are worn

Similar to brake linings, pads allow for the crane to move more smoothly. Due to the excessive usage of these parts and the impact they endure, their lifespan is much shorter when compared to other parts. It’s important to keep a close watch on your crane pads to avoid an expensive repair and be able to replace them quickly when necessary.

When it comes to your crane and the safety of your workers, always be on the lookout for the above signs. If you’ve noticed any of the above warnings, contact LC Crane Parts & Service. We offer endless crane parts and provide 24-hour on-call response for crane repairs! Request a quote today.

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