6 Crane Repair Secrets

6 Crane Repair Secrets
1/9/2017 12:34:17 PM

When your crane is out of service, you aren’t making money.

But structurally damaged cranes may be unsafe to repair, meaning manufactures won’t take the job. And going to the distributor for even small repairs may mean a long turnaround and high repair costs.

Having a contingency plan in place can be a major help when unforeseen problems arise. That’s why the Atlanta area and all of North America depends on our crane repair services. We find timely, cost-effective solutions that best fits your business.

Here are six repair secrets you can keep in mind for crane malfunctions:

Get it done right the first time. Many issues with cranes occur as a result of not having the crane repaired properly when a problem first arises. Underlying issues can be present for years at a time before triggering any major problem. Such issues include incorrect welding, or general misuse. Although these issues may be minor at first, they can lead to significant damage and accidents.

Extend your crane’s life with a detailed inspection. Certain components of your crane may have a lower level of wear, but failure to recognize issues with these crane components can lead to long, and expensive repair times. A detailed survey from a reputable crane service can help identify these problems early on.

Pay attention when accidents occur. Accidents can lead to unforeseen issues that, if not properly addressed, can lead to expensive repairs down the line. Large structural items can be harmed, shock loading can occur, and crane engines can sustain damage from an overturn. Some accidents also damage structural components, creating movement that these parts can’t handle. Bolts and threads are designed to withstand tension, but not twisting or shearing.

Damage following a crane accident is not always easy to spot. Be mindful that any repair proposal should factor in these concealed issues.

Prepare for the worst. Any repair proposal should ideally include a ‘worst case scenario’ development estimate. This proposal can help limit the total price of the repair in the event your crane has sustained greater damage than initially thought. Requesting a worst-case scenario quote can also help you benchmark and compare service providers in order to better ascertain the ‘actual’ price, while limiting repair cost blowouts.

Know that repaired structural components can be better than the original. Contrary to popular belief, structurally repaired crane components, like a boom, jib, beam, or superstructure, can be repaired to a level that is equal to or better than the OEM original.A comprehensive survey from a reputable repair company can not only identify accident damage and wear, but can also identify OEM manufacturing faults, unauthorized modifications, or substandard factory work.

Know all of your options, and get a second opinion.When making an educated decision about crane repair, or the replacement of damaged structural components, make sure to get a second opinion.Structural repairs are generally not an option when working with OEMs, as they often deem a crane component "irreparable” when safe and compliant crane repair options do exist.

If you're considering servicing or repairing a crane, call Larry Collier Cranes & Service today. We also offer same-day parts shipping for many U.S. cities and our catalog includes Demag, American, Comedil, P&H and Terex and much more.

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