A Reminder About Telescopic Cranes

A Reminder About Telescopic Cranes
4/15/2018 3:18:19 PM

Cranes are more than just the massive towering construction cranes that you see during skyscraper building. But there’s more to cranes than those types. There is more to it. If you’ve passed electricians repairing a telephone pole, for example, you’ve likely seen a telescopic truck and crane.

Some common uses for these special types of trucks and cranes can be:

· Roadside work

· Powerline repair

· Television line installation

· Mining

· And more

TEREX and DEMAG are two of the most popular brands in the world when it comes to these cranes.

Telescopic Trucks and Cranes cranes consist of a boom that contains a series of cross-sectional segments that are either triangular or trapezoidal in shape. In many instances, telescopic cranes are mounted onto trucks to make them mobile. The tubes extend out to the length needed with the use of a powered device.

Another type of telescopic truck, the telescopic handler, incorporates the benefits of a forklift. Thackray explains this machine, also known as a telehandler or telescopic forklift, consists of a truck with a boom that can be fitted with different attachments. The boom ability to extend out allows the attached parts, such as pallet forks, to reach heights unattainable with standard forklifts.

TEREX and DEMAG Telescopic Cranes

Larry Collier only provides the best cranes and crane parts around. Crane trucks from TEREX are all about powerful mobility and delivering success. Trucks are designed to require minimum positioning and rigging, and with a max highway speed of 65 mph, it’s easy for their cranes to travel between sites. The powerful hydraulic system and engines that run these cranes can handle any job site conditions, further reducing downtime. The crane truck itself is built to last so customers can service a variety of clients. Many cranes are designed with interchangeable parts, making it easy for us at Larry Collier to replace what’s needed.

TEREX has a variety of telescopic truck crane models available to fit your needs. The T 340-1 model has a 36.3t nominal lifting capacity and 147 foot max height to tackle smaller projects. The T 780, on the other hand, has a 72.6t nominal lifting capacity and a 169 foot max height for the largest jobs around.


Standing for "Deutsche Maschinenbau AG,” TEREX is a Germany-based manufacturer of cranes, including the telescopic boom. This legacy brand of TEREX has made historical achievements with its cranes, including:

-1950: First telescopic boom crane with a 2.5t lifting capacity.

-1990: Strongest telescopic truck in the world with a 500t lifting capacity.

-2007: Most powerful crawler crane with a 3,200 lifting capacity.

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