Counterfeit Cranes: Terex Warns of Knockoff Crawlers

Counterfeit Cranes: Terex Warns of Knockoff Crawlers
1/22/2016 5:12:24 PM

It’s all about the label.

While counterfeit cranes may sound far-fetched, they are in fact a reality. Terex Cranes has publicly announced their cranes are now being counterfeited across the globe.

As with many other counterfeit goods, these cranes are sold at significantly cheaper prices, and come with the reduced quality that could endanger construction projects—not to mention lives.

Specifically, Terex noted that their crawler crane models are being counterfeited in China and South Korea. Factories in China began counterfeiting their CC 2500-1 lattice boom crawler crane in 2013, and now South Korea is following suit.

Thus far, Terex hasn’t mentioned whether their crane parts are being counterfeited as well, but we guarantee all our Terex – Demag crane parts here at Larry Collier.

"This is a serious situation, not only because this infringes on our intellectual property, but more importantly, it poses a serious safety risk for our customers,” said Klaus Meissner, Director of Product Strategy for Terex Cranes. "The use of these inferior, counterfeit cranes can result in deadly consequences."

The Dangers of Counterfeit Cranes

Terex has already revealed that at least 9 or 10 counterfeit cranes have been found so far, though it can be presumed that more have been sold. These counterfeit cranes are often a combination of old and new technologies, with a 'mix and match' of Terex and non-Terex parts. Many of these components were not designed to work together.

Due to this mismatch, and overall poor construction, you'll often see poor welding work, subpar steel structures, and non-Terex parts and tracks that don't properly fit in these counterfeit cranes.

Due to their subpar construction, and incompatible parts, these cranes can be extremely dangerous, and may buckle under the extreme weight Terex cranes are designed to haul.

How to Avoid Buying a Counterfeit Crane

Many crane purchasers have attempted to ensure their prospective products are authentic by examining crane serial numbers. However, Terex has said these counterfeit cranes may also include fake serial number plates.

Your first step toward recognizing a counterfeit Terex crane is to pay attention to the price. While a small discount or sale can help buyers acquire necessary products on a budget, large or extreme discounts that seem too good to be true may indicate that the crane has been manufactured by someone other than the Terex corporation.

The second step to purchasing an authentic Terex crane is to purchase your crane from a designated retailer. Designated retailers are well-trained on Terex machines and have been vetted as quality retailers.

The third step is to carefully examine the crane before purchase. Terex has noted that many counterfeit cranes were purchased without an on-site inspection, or with an inspection that was completed by an unqualified individual. You'll want to inspect the quality of the track fittings, steel structures, and weld quality.

If you're still unsure whether a for-sale crane is an authentic Terex product, feel free to contact the company directly.

Maintaining Quality

In addition to carefully selecting your crane supplier, you'll also want to buy high-quality parts, and make sure your crane is being serviced correctly. For a large selection of Terex parts, and top crane service, be sure to visit our crane parts order form today.

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