Demag Cranes and Parts

Demag Cranes and Parts
4/28/2016 11:03:03 AM

As one of the largest producers of material-handling equipment worldwide, Demag has consistently manufactured the greatest variety of construction cranes. Their equipment designs are based on: extensive prototype product development; standardized components; and the use of modular concepts that enable efficiency and flexibility, characteristic of pre-engineered components. The company is also known for carrying well-engineered products, which they continuously improve through research and development.

Demag cranes are among the most popular pieces of construction equipment in the world, due to their outstanding efficiency, quality, and reliability. Every crane and its corresponding components reflect decades of mastery and reliability from a valued partner in the industry.

Innovations for Demag Crane Parts

Demag has launched a new version of the DR rope hoist, which is a state-of-the-art crane application standard, with load capacities of up to 50 metric tons. The C-shaped figure of the Demag DR rope hoist is adequately tailor-made for crane applications. Owing to the numerous benefits offered by the latest DR rope hoist, the crane operates more efficiently and smoothly.

  • Crane geometry ensures high design rigidity, minimum wear, and optimal travel attributes.

  • Elevated crane girders, designs customized to match the roof structure, and compact trolleys aid larger hook paths, and improve the utilization of available space. They also decrease initial and subsequent construction costs.

  • Interactive radio controls and ergonomic push-button stations with load range displays guarantee highly convenient operations, and safe load handling processes. The display provides a general view of the system controls.

  • Infinitely changeable speed control in all motion axes, through frequency inverter-bolstered drives, facilitates gentle and exact positioning, reduces load sway, and brings down the mechanical load of the crane installation.

  • Standard overload equipment prevents hazardous conditions.

Investing in Demag Crane Parts

Whether it’s brand new or used, a Demag standard or mobile crane is one of the best investments your company can make. One way to extend the lifespan of your construction crane is to routinely replace parts that are no longer performing to their highest potential. Many dealers of cranes and crane parts offer multiple options in terms of Demag components, but it’s important to find dealers that are reliable and experienced in the field.

Some crane parts and service providers offer OEM and aftermarket parts, while others sell high-quality used crane parts for significantly cheaper prices. Genuine Demag crane parts can be difficult to obtain due to high demand, but a few crane equipment companies will have adequate stock of these products. When you research crane part companies, look up the supply and delivery options.

Whenever heavy, large, or awkward material loads need to be handled, cranes are the ideal tool. Demag crane providers offer services that help keep your crane installations, hoists, and other crane components in good operating condition. These services include inspections, maintenance, and repairs. This means that you and your company benefit from efficient operations and high availability installations at all times. Apart from routine maintenance, the modernization and refurbishment of crane installations are crucial as well. Since requirements change on a regular basis during the course of a crane’s service life, innovative ideas are necessary for corresponding modifications.

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