Do You Know a ‘Top Crane Trainer’?

Do You Know a ‘Top Crane Trainer’?
2/25/2018 2:26:16 PM

Training someone to work with cranes means more than showing them how to inspect wire ropes, sheaves and drums, safety devices, hydraulic and electrical components, pumps and valves. It means teaching them how to take responsibility for a crew’s safety—and the success of the job.

Trainers are the ones who teach qualified crane and rigging inspectors to do all the following:

  • Increase safety and facilitate a more productive process
  • Reduce equipment exposure to accidents and failure
  • Improve equipment reliability

The Association of Crane & Rigging Professionals (ACRP) is a nonprofit association dedicated to improving crane and rigging operations and recognizing the crane trainers who make it possible. Its members will gather at the ACRP General Assembly 2018 in Houston May 15-18.

An awards ceremony co-hosted by Crane Hot Line magazine will recognize the industry’s top trainers in an awards program, and if you know a "top trainer,” Crane Hot Line and ACRP have opened up nominations to the public for this year’s awards.

Winners will be selected based on the positive impact on students, their work environment or on the industry through the use of innovative training techniques or hands-on instruction. Winners are also evaluated based on their support of peer or corporate accountability and on evidence that the training they implement is successful.

Click here to nominate someone; deadline to do so is March 31. The first 30 Individuals to submit an entry will receive a free 2018 Hot Line Crane Guide.

Winners will receive:

  • A trophy presented at ACRP’s General Assembly
  • Registration/ Hotel Accommodations to upcoming ACRP General Assembly
  • $2000 Education Sponsorship
  • A feature Article in the Crane Hot Line May issue.

To be eligible to win, the nominee must be a crane or rigging trainer who also works as one of the following:

  • Craft Instructors
  • Safety Directors
  • CTE Instructors
  • Contractors
  • Equipment Dealers
  • People working with rental or training companies
  • Rigging Suppliers
  • Manufacturers

To read about last year’s award winners, click here. Franci Motz can answer questions about the program, sponsorship opportunities, or nominating a trainer. Contact Franci by email at or call 602-445-3932 and let them know LC Crane sent you!

The ACRP isn’t just for trainers; the association also has the following membership categories:

  • Instruction: Members whose work is primarily in training and education.
  • Engineering: Members whose work activity is providing engineering services.
  • Field Operations: Members who oversee or conduct load handling activities.
  • HSE: Members who provide health, safety and environmental services.
  • Associate Member: Members who work in business management, professional services, marketing, sales or manufacturing.

What Crane and Rigging Trainers Do

Good trainers make good inspectors.According to OSHA Regulations, a crane inspector must be a "Competent” and "Qualified Person.” A "Competent Person” is one capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards that may be hazardous to employees. He (or she) also has the authorization to take corrective measures.

A "Qualified Person” is someone who successfully demonstrates the ability to solve problems relating to the project. This would be exhibited by having a recognized degree or certificate or simply by his or her professional standing and experience.

A qualified crane inspector should also be a qualified rigging inspector. Crane and rigging inspectors follow manufacturer’s guidelines to inspect cranes at the start of each shift, monthly and annually. The standard OSHA crane standard is 1926.1412 (Annual Inspections).

To find a crane and rigging Inspector training program for you or your employees, look for:

  • A reputable training provider
  • Training that includes classroom instruction as well as hands-on applications/inspections on cranes and rigging gear
  • A curriculum that meets or exceeds all the new OSHA standards for a qualified crane and rigging inspector
  • Instructors that are not only trained in "Adult Learning Principles” and who have extensive experience with cranes and inspections.

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