History Of Liebherr Cranes

History Of Liebherr Cranes
10/27/2016 4:50:42 PM

Liebherr makes some of the best cranes and construction equipment in the world, including the tallest and most powerful crawler crane ever made (the LR 13000). Here at Larry Collier Crane Parts and Service, we're proud to service and source Liebherr parts.

Liebherrs making Liebherrs

Liebherrs making Liebherrs. A Liebherr LR1200 assembles a Liebherr LR1600

The Liebherr company has a long and interesting history. It’s the story of a real family business, which began with an earnest desire to make the world better through innovation. There has never been a dull moment along the Liebherr company timeline, and they continue to expand the boundaries of what cranes can do.

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The Beginning

It all started in 1949 when a young man named Hans Liebherr developed the first mobile tower crane. Liebherr’s crane became integral to rebuilding post-war Germany, as it revolutionized the construction industry. Liebherr began inventing heavy equipment at a rapid pace, introducing Europe’s first hydraulic excavator in 1953. In the mid 1950s, Liebherr expanded his business and entered the home appliance industry. He also began to build more construction and transportation equipment, among other ventures. During this same era, Liebherr continued to broaden his business horizon, opening manufacturing facilities on multiple continents.

Liebher Inception

Liebherr Inception

Growing and Diversifying

As the 1950s came to a close, Liebherr formed an aeronautics company, producing components and systems for the aerospace industry. Throughout the 60s, Liebherr continued to expand his business to other parts of the world. By 1964, he had developed more than 30 patents for tower cranes alone and was recognized as a pioneer of construction, excavation, and transportation technology. As the 1970s brought ever-increasing challenges to the crane industry, Liebherr continued to meet them by designing cranes to handle larger payloads and to function in a wider variety of job sites. In 1977 the company introduced the world’s first all-terrain mobile crane, another game-changer.

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Continued Success

The company continued to branch out while remaining true to its roots. Still a family-owned business, the Liebherr subsidiaries and ventures were all combined under one parent organization in 1983. The Liebherr-International AG, based in Switzerland, is still the holding group for all Liebherr companies. In 1993, Hans Liebherr died and passed the torch to his children. The Liebherr company did not slow down after its founder and namesake’s passing, but has instead continued to expand and diversify. In 2007, Liebherr produced the nine-axle LTM 11200-9.1, winning the 2007 Development of the Year award. In 2012, a third generation of Liebherr family members took the helm ,and in 2015 Liebherr created the largest mobile harbor crane in the world.

Liebherr remains a leading manufacturer of heavy duty cranes and equipment worldwide. Ever the trailblazers in technology, innovation, and quality, they consistently set the bar higher year after year and are poised to keep doing so long into the future.

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