How Expensive, Or Cheap, Is It To Repair A Crane?

How Expensive, Or Cheap, Is It To Repair A Crane?
5/22/2019 9:27:59 AM

Larry Collier Crane Parts & Service offers crane repairs and crane parts for any occasion and at any time. LC Crane Parts is a 24-hour crane repair service that helps companies all over Georgia. But do you have to pay an arm and a leg to get a repair done in a timely fashion? We like to think not.

When it comes to crane repair, there are quite a lot of factors associated with the cost of that repair, even beyond parts and labor. Can your jobsite handle the downtime? If the crane needs to be rebuilt, can you afford the rebuild? Perhaps this is something that could have been avoided with proper preventative maintenance? We do everything we can to ensure that our team of professional technicians can help you diagnose any problem a crane can give, but being thorough in your safety checks before each project is another way to prevent expensive maintenance issues. You’re only doing yourself a favor with proper preventative maintenance.

We completely understand that some repairs are complete unavoidable, but wouldn’t you agree that it’s advantageous to prevent them if you can? However, something else to remember is that it might not be advantageous to repair the crane at all, and instead more cost effective to buy a new one. This isn’t a very common situation, but it does happen.

LC Crane Parts can’t give you an estimate on what you’ll be expected to spend on a repair or rebuild in a singular post. There are too many factors to consider whenever calculating a repair/rebuild, such as:

  • What brand of crane is it?

  • What parts need to be replaced?

  • Does the crane need to be moved to perform the repair?

  • Does the crane need alignment?

  • Is electronics repair needed?

LC Crane Parts does everything they can to ensure that your crane doesn’t fall into the same issues. In the end, we focus on fixing any problems we find, as quickly as possible. Helping your crane get back to operational status is always our number one goal.

So give us a call if you need parts, a diagnosis for a crane issue, whether you have a Terex, Demag, or many other brands. Larry Collier Crane Parts And Service has been in business for over 9 years, and our technicians are trained by Larry Collier himself, who has been in crane repair for over 35 years.

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