LR 1600/2 Crawler Crane Uses LTR 1220 as Counterweight!

LR 1600/2 Crawler Crane Uses LTR 1220 as Counterweight!
11/29/2016 1:38:01 PM

Here’s something Liebherr (the international manufacturer of mobile and crawling cranes and other construction machines) came up with to save time and money. Plus it just looks cool.

The company developed an interesting method to erect LR 1600/2 crawler cranes with long wind power boom systems. The smaller crane is used for counterweight in the boom and for setting the lattice boom crawler up.

Liebherr LTR 1220

Liebherr LTR 1220 used as counterweight for the Liebherr LR 1600/2

Using the mass of an LTR 1220 telescopic crawler crane as the counterweight eliminates ballast handling on-site and reduces the amount of ballast that has to be transported.


See it in action:

What is the purpose of this system? Transporting on flat bed trailers would be FAR less efficient.

Supposing a flatbed trailer can carry about 40,000 lbs, or two sections of lattice boom, transporting that lattice boom crawler would require up to 30 loads. You’d need a trailer for one track, another for the house, another for the superstructure …

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Each slab of the counterweight is around 10 ton each so that means only two per truck.

The telescopic boom crawler is a decent size crane itself, approximately 300,000 lbs. With this crane on the job, you save about 15 loads at $500 per load.

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