Meet the Terex RT100 Rough Terrain Crane

Meet the Terex RT100 Rough Terrain Crane
8/9/2016 12:26:41 PM

The Terex RT 100 is a reflection of its design team’s dedication. Created after extensive research and exhaustive testing, the model is a welcome addition to fleets around the globe. Researchers listened long and hard to customer feedback, and took an honest look at the real day-to-day needs of operators and owners.


Terex wanted to know how they could help the people on the ground and in the cab work smarter, safer, and faster. The result of their endeavors is a highly versatile heavy duty crane that can address geographical challenges, minimize safety hazards, and streamline potentially time-consuming processes. This versatility and ease of use makes it ideal for drilling rig work, steel erection, bridge construction, refinery work, and a host of other job types.

Terex RT 100 crane


Heavy Duty, High Capacity


The RT 100 gets its muscle from a 6-cylinder 262 horsepower Cummins diesel engine. A 4 speed powershift transmission works seamlessly with the 4-wheel drive powertrain to keep you mobile even in the most adverse conditions. The boom is specially designed to remain strong during continuous heavy lifting and three steering modes create fluidic maneuverability in confined spaces. The outriggers are built strong, too, and can be positioned independently of one another for better stability and more accurate leveling. The RT 100 boasts a 100 ton max lifting capacity, and a 174 foot boom.


Time-Tested Strength, Tech for Today


The RT 100 isn’t just tough, it’s also smart. It is the ideal marriage of forward-thinking technology and good old practicality. Designers equipped it with cutting edge tech to make it simpler to use and to keep operations safer and more efficient. The RT 100 electronically monitors the designated work area, and it keeps tabs on load parameters. This information is relayed in real time to the operator inside the cab. Electro-proportional joysticks offer smooth, precise control and a flip-up roof window provides an extra dimension of visibility if needed. An advanced hydraulics system performs with incredible refinement, not always a word one associates with heavy duty cranes. In the RT, you’ll also find all the things that have made Terex a top name in the industry: top-notch quality and components with precision design that is built to last.


All the Bells and Whistles


The RT 100 comes with a cadre of impressive features, in addition to those previously mentioned. Additional notable features include:

  • Three-mode steering
  • Non-ignition source cab heating
  • 11 tons of removable counterweights
  • Ground-level sight gauges
  • Dual-mode telescoping boom

There are also a number of optional accessories specially designed for the RT 100. Add-on equipment like an auxiliary hoist, beacon lights, a side-stow jib, hooks and blocks, and a cold-weather package make it easy to custom-outfit the crane for the specifics of the job at hand. It’s also faster and easier to service and repair than many other models, which keeps downtime at a minimum.


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