Mobile Crane Parts: The Fundamentals

Mobile Crane Parts: The Fundamentals
5/31/2017 3:31:24 PM

The cranes we work on are amazing examples of modern technology built on ancient understanding of physics. The many parts that go into building one of these machines have to work together in perfect harmony to get the work done right.

The Terex brand epitomizes the crane industry, with different cranes bringing their own value to a segment of any number of industries. Our work is focused on these kinds of mobile cranes:

  • Boom Trucks
  • Truck Cranes
  • Crawler Cranes
  • All-Terrain Cranes
  • Rough-Terrain Cranes

Within each group you'll find many different models, which can make some service managers and parts managers nervous when it comes to replacing parts.

Still, as you know, those replacement parts are necessary when the original parts just can’t go any longer or when they are on the verge of breaking down. The possibility of a job grinding to a halt is a nightmare scenario that can take a disastrous toll on your bottom line.

This is why LC Crane makes Terex crane parts available to our partners who need them right away. Our complete inventory ranks us among the elite in the crane parts industry. Our technicians can help provide helpful, fast replacement for mobile cranes that are truck-mounted, wheel-mounted, or crawler-mounted.

Basic Components

Though there are hundreds of parts of a crane, but the main components are the undercarriage, the engine, an inclined lattice-type steel boom or a telescopic boom, and the operator's cabin. All of it is based on the hydraulic system. Though these cranes may be used for excavation, pile driving and demolition, among other things, here we’ll look at some of the many components involved in lifting a load with a mobile crane.

  • Boom: The boom of the crane holds the load and is the part of the crane most people recognize. Rising up from just behind the operator's cab, the boom is what allows the machine to raise its loads. Telescoping "jib” or "fly jib” extensions let truck cranes reach even further. The shorter the lifting radius, the greater the lifting capacity.
  • Hydraulic pump: Either a gear pump or a variable displacement pump creates the pressure that powers the crane’s hydraulic system. The crane operator increases pressure via the foot throttle.
  • Rotex gear: Under the operator’s cab you’ll find this rotating device, which gives the operator the power to swivel the cab, moving the boom left and right.
  • Outriggers: A crane toppling over is a disaster on many fronts; that’s why the outriggers are needed to stabilize and balance the crane. Outriggers consist of a beam (also called the "leg”) and pad (also called the "foot”). Additionally, a "float” under the foot can help spread out the crane’s weight distribution in an even (and more stable) manner.
  • Counterweights: These small, but heavy, counterbalancing components prevent the truck crane from tipping during operation. The outriggers balance the crane during the lift, but the counterweights (which must be removed before the truck can be driven) prevent falling forward during the lift.
  • Computer: Some people don’t realize that the operator relies on a computer inside the cab, but the lift data entered into the computer helps to ensure the crane isn’t being pushed beyond its limitations. For example, warning lights for the Load Movement Indicator will alert the driver if the boom is being lifted too high.
  • Hook: Suspended by wire rope and sheaves, the hook is at the end of the boom.

We’re Just Getting Started

Whether you need to replace a bumper or a pneumatic brake, LC Crane can send you the part you need. With factory-stocked crane parts from major manufacturers easily on-hand and same-day, worldwide shipping, there’s no reason not to request a quote today. With 35 years of experience and excellent customer service, LC Crane will make sure that you get the mobile crane parts you need as quickly as possible.

LC Crane Parts and Service specializes in the sales of OEM and aftermarket Terex crane parts, including the biggest brands:

  • American
  • Grove
  • Demag
  • Liebherr
  • And More!
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