Questions To Ask Your Crane Service Company

Questions To Ask Your Crane Service Company
6/21/2016 1:34:53 PM

Don’t blindly put your trust into just any crane service company.When selecting a company to provide crane repair and other services, put in the due diligence to make sure all your essential questions are answered, so you can have the confidence of knowing you’re working with the right partner.


Among other things, it is crucially important to be well-informed about the safety record, and operator skill level of any crane company you wish to hire.

what questions should you ask your crane service?

Here’s a basic listing of the questions every crane service company should be asked before being hired:

What kind of cranes do you operate?

Different jobs require different cranes. In order to ensure a safe operation, ask whether the crane service has the appropriate crane for the weight of the load you need lifted.

How are you able to provide a safe service?

This may seem like a simple question, but every crane service company should be able to explain their safety procedures, and detail their crane maintenance protocols.

How long has your company been providing crane services?

Always seek out more established crane service companies. If a company has been operating for many years, there’s a good chance they have a proven ability to effectively manage the most challenging crane operations.

How much on-the-job experience do your operators have?

Experience is key when it comes to selecting crane service companies, as there is more to crane safety than simply being a licensed operator. Aside from the fundamental skills any licensed operator possesses, there is a knowledge-base for crane handling that takes seasoned operators years to develop and master. You should expect operators to have a deep understanding of the load limitations where crane outriggers are set up, the maneuverability constraints where the lift occurs, and the appropriate riggings for the load’s various shapes, weights, and dimensions.

What training and certifications does your crane operating staff have?

Crane operators must log 1,000 hours of crane operation per year in order to retain a license. Getting a license requires a comprehensive written, and practical test. Always make sure the company you hire is up to date with its certifications for all rigging, lifting, and hoisting procedures.

How often do you inspect your cranes?

Crane companies should perform continual inspections, even when they are active in a job. Although some inspections require time consuming procedures, like dismantling the crane, and inspecting it from inside, these steps are necessary for safe and efficient crane operation. You should have absolute faith that the top priority for your crane company is safety.

What is your cancellation policy?

Construction jobs often present unforeseen circumstances, and since many crane operators offer flexible cancellation policies, you should seek out a company that won’t be rigid when it comes to scheduled appointments.

Do you charge for travel time to job sites?

Many companies charge for door-to-door travel time. Some just charge for estimated travel times. It is important to clarify the company’s policy beforehand, as failing to specify these costs can lead to unnecessary expenses later on.

Any Questions?


Having the answers to all these questions is critical for every construction foreman, service manager, or parts manager. If you’re armed with this list of questions, you’ll be sure to get the most out of your search for the right crane service provider.

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