Replacement Crane Parts Product Guide

Replacement Crane Parts Product Guide
3/13/2019 9:16:09 AM

Cranes are tough machines that endure a lot of wear and tear. That's why replacement crane parts and accessories have to be reliable, ship fast, and meet both U.S. and international standards for safety and performance.

Since 2011, Larry Collier Crane Parts and Service has sold only factory stocked crane parts, with in stock items shipping worldwide the same day.

Whether you need repairs or parts for mobile cranes, overhead cranes or crawlers, assemblies or brakes, bearings, filters and gears, loads, pads, transmissions, torque converters or wipers ... LC Crane Parts & Service can help. We're a trusted supplier and repairer compatible with most brands. Below are some of the replacement parts that we offer. Click here to find your part, or request a quote today.


Larry Collier Crane Parts & Service offers crane boxes of most models and makes, including boxes with connectors, swing gear boxes, mounting boxes, distributor boxes, and more.

Bridge Rail

Supported by the bridge girders, this is what the trolley travels across.


We offer a variety of bumpers, including rubber bumpers, trolley bumpers, and more to reduce the impact from your moving crane in the event of an accident.


We have a large selection of cabs and cab parts available today.


Our contactors 3RA1325-8XB30-1AK6, DSUB111, and DSKR310 are just a few contactors we offer to open and close your electric power circuits.


Larry Collier Crane offers both Terex and Demag diaphragms.


We offer a variety of drum products, including drum bearing & seal kits, cable drums, brake drums, winch drums, and more to help wind around your lift or lower the load.

Fixed Bogie

Larry Collier has fixed bogies to help equalize your wheel loads.

Lifting Devices

We offer several lifting devices including buckets, magnets, and other devices to make your load handling easier.

For top quality parts (and many more than are listed above), exceptional service, timely repairs and even crane rebuilds, request a quote from Larry Collier Crane Parts and Service. With 35 years of experience as a crane mechanic and service manager, we are the one-stop shop of cranes.

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