Telescopic Boom Crawler Cranes (Telecrawlers)

Telescopic Boom Crawler Cranes (Telecrawlers)
8/19/2016 11:57:10 AM

Telecrawler Cranes

Telecrawlers were once considered a niche product, a specialty item used for very particular operations. This meant that they were not commonly seen on the jobsite -- or on the dealership lot. All that has changed and manufacturers have seen an incredible surge in demand as contractors realize the many advantages of running telescopic boom crawlers. Operators love the ease of use and owners love how they can help save time and enhance productivity.

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The Advantages of Using Telecrawlers


The biggest advantage of using a telecrawler can be summed up in one word: versatility. Their mobile base makes telescoping crawlers highly versatile since they can be moved around the jobsite easily. They tend to be incredibly strong and, unlike other types of cranes, do not require additional space and time to build the boom.


Another major selling point for telecrawlers is that outriggers are not necessary to achieve maximum lift capacity. Gone is the need to stop and reposition outriggers throughout the job. This also eliminates the need for extra workers to move the outrigger pads, assemble the boom, and to constantly make sure the crane is level. These cranes can more easily get underneath overhead structures and can often replace much larger terrains or lattice booms. They do have their limitations, though, and telecrawlers in general cannot hold as much weight as some other crane types.


Who Uses Telecrawlers?


Once used primarily for utility applications, such as power line work, telecrawlers are now employed across several industries and multiple applications. Today, they are used in the oil industry, for bridge building and plant work, and for construction work on airports, railways, and highways -- to name a few.


A telecrawler can be ready to work within minutes of being rolled off the loader, making them an ideal choice for these time-sensitive projects. Telescoping boom crawlers are also particularly useful when there is limited room available in a workspace or the crane must operate on rugged or uneven terrain. This is one reason they are often used where the jobsite is set in adverse topography, like mountainsides and other undeveloped areas.


Is a Telecrawler Right For Your Business?


When considering whether a telecrawler would be a good fit for your business, talk to industry experts to determine the top brands and models. Just like with any major piece of equipment, it’s imperative to use high quality cranes that are in good working order. If you buy used, ensure that the unit has been well maintained. Work with a dealer who provides a high level of support and who knows the industry and the equipment well. Remember that Telecrawlers do tend to be more expensive than other types of boom cranes. However, these costs are quickly recuperated in the form of increased productivity and the ability to work in conditions not suitable for other crane types. Talk to a trusted crane service company about whether a telecrawler might be needed for your special project.


If you decide to run a telecrawler, it’s vital to protect your investment by being vigilant about crane maintenance. Don’t hand your repairs and maintenance over to just anyone, either. Trust 35 years of experience at Larry Collier Crane Parts and Service. Our techs can give you honest answers to all of your questions about telescoping crawlers, and provide you with fast and reliable service for all of your crane service and repair needs. Get in touch to request a quote anytime.

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