Terex Cranes Resurrect Demag Brand

Terex Cranes Resurrect Demag Brand
5/31/2016 1:53:10 PM

Seven years ago, Terex dropped the Demag line. The construction industry wasn’t happy, as Demag was always known for efficiency and durability. Fortunately, Terex has decided to bring the Terex Demag line back. It will be known solely as Demag, and Terex will continue manufacturing and selling these high-quality, German-made cranes.

Now that Demag Cranes is back, it’s worth learning more about the brand behind the machines. Here, we’ll answer four questions about Demag’s relaunch, and address why you may want to add a Demag Crane to your fleet.

How is Terex’s reputation?

Terex is an international equipment manufacturer of mining machines, transportation equipment, and more. Terex prides itself on innovation, quality, and ability to meet customers’ needs.

Why is the Demag line back?

Terex decided to bring the Demag line back into production due to customer demand. President of Terex Cranes, Ken Lousberg, said, "I am very excited that we are reintroducing the Demag brand. We’re doing it because our customers asked us to bring the Demag brand back. It is as simple as that.”

What’s new?

The Demag line was relaunched in April 2016 at bauma, an international trade fair in Munich, Germany for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, and construction equipment. Terex displayed three all-terrain, five-axle machines at their exhibition—titled "A Legend is Reborn.”

What are the Demag line specs?

The Demag line is extensive. It offers 11 all-terrain cranes that range from 100- to 1,200-ton capacity. Additionally, the company will manufacture seven boom crawler cranes with 400- to 3,200-ton capacity.

Terex displayed three cranes at bauma. One was the Demag AC 130-5, which has a 130-ton capacity, and a 5-axle capacity class. It’s 14.3 meters long, and has a carrier width of 2.75m. It’s equipped with a 60-meter main boom, but can also reach a system length of over 86.5m with boom extensions. The AC 130-5 is designed to stay under a 12-ton axle limit when carrying a payload of over 450 kg.

The Demag AC 220-5 was also on display. It has a 200-ton capacity, is 14.5 m long and 3 m wide, and has a 78-meter main boom that can be extended to 99m with extensions. Like the AC 130-5, the 220-5 is designed to stay under a 12-ton axle limit, but can carry a payload of over 600 kg.

The last crane on display was the Demag AC 250-5, which is 14.5m long, 3m wide, and has a capacity of 250 tons. Designed to stay under the 12-ton axle limit when carrying a payload of over 550 kg, this crane includes all-axle steering, rear-axle steering, and dynamic launch control.

The cranes’ single engine, and intelligent motor management systems for lifting and traveling, make all three attractive options. Additionally, all three can be outfitted with the IC-1 Plus control system, which can calculate lifting capacities for the boom, and in turn, can help you maximize the lifting capacity for outriggers.

Want to learn more about what you could do with a Demag crane? Contact the professionals at Larry Collier Crane Parts if you’re interested in adding Demag Cranes to your fleet. We service high-quality Terex and Demag equipment.

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