Terex Military Cranes: What can they do?

Terex Military Cranes: What can they do?
4/27/2016 6:00:56 PM

Although military cranes can be used for standard construction activities, they can also fulfill military-specific purposes, such as ammunition handling, artillery barrel replacement, and other assignments.


The U.S. military uses a wide variety of cranes that can be classified into three types:


  • Crawler
  • truck-mounted
  • wheel-mounted



All three are capable of operating different types of crane attachments. For instance, the 12.5-ton crawler crane can operate with a hook, concrete bucket, wrecking ball, ¾ cubic-yard clamshell and dragline, and 7,000-pound diesel pile driver. Crawler cranes are also capable of operating shovel and backhoe front attachments. The 25-ton truck-mounted military crane runs on hydraulic power, while the 20-ton crawler, as well as the truck- and wheel-mounted military cranes, are operated by drum hoist power.


How are Military Cranes Different from Standard Cranes?


Truck- and wheel-mounted military cranes are used by units that possess excavating and material handling capabilities to support combat missions. Crawler military cranes are utilized for construction support machinery whose main purpose is to operate quarries or build port facilities.


Crawler military cranes are accredited in the United States Army equipment platoons and engineer teams, like the Equipment Maintenance Company, Construction Support Company, and Port Construction Company to name a few.


Terex Cranes and Military Projects


Since 1925, Terex has been manufacturing military cranes and equipment that delivers the level of performance and reliability required to ensure missions are carried out on budget and on time.


Whether it’s constructing a barracks, expanding road networks, building bridges to connect roads, or securing the energy supply with generators, Terex can provide the construction machinery and tools needed to handle various military operations. You can always request a quote from a reliable provider of Terex military cranes and parts if you want to incorporate this equipment in your construction operations.


The Terex-Demag MAC-50


The Terex-Demag Military All-Terrain Crane or MAC-50 was developed especially for the demanding requirements of the United States Marine Corps. It is worth noting that Terex-Demag makes one of the most extensive crane types compared to other construction machinery manufacturers. The MAC-50 crane is designed for the military, and is based on components of the Terex AC-50-1 commercial design concept. Terex sent four crane prototypes to the USMC in 2006 for verification and approval, after which fully-operational production started the following year.


This military all-terrain crane is equipped with a lifting capacity of 45 tons, and is used to carry large and heavy objects, like bridging and construction cargo, containers, and vehicles. The Terex-Demag MAC-50 military crane is ideal for fast deployment, because it can perform its duties and rapidly redeploy to the next mission site.


Two individuals can go on the Terex-Demag MAC-50 through a commercial cab attached to the military crane. Once operated, this machine is controlled from a distinct one-man cab. An add-on armor kit can also be fitted to the crane if necessary.


A Cummins QSC multi-fuel engine powers the Terex-Demag MAC-50. Combined with Allison Transmission, the crane’s four axles are driven and steered. This military all-terrain crane can navigate waters of up to 1.5 meter depths, and function in temperatures ranging from -32 to 50 degrees Celsius.


If you’d like to learn more about Terex Military Crane features, or purchase the necessary crane parts, give Larry Collier Cranes a call today.

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