Terex: Mobile Cranes for Every Purpose

Terex: Mobile Cranes for Every Purpose
1/3/2017 12:00:00 PM

Terex cranes are trusted

Terex is a trusted manufacturer of equipment in construction, mining and refining. From its beginnings as a division of General Motors, Terex has grown to become a global corporation that sells equipment all over the world.

Today, Terex is comprised of five businesses:

  • Aerial Work Platforms
  • Construction
  • Cranes
  • Material Handling/Port Solutions
  • Materials Processing

Here at LC Crane Parts and Service we provide parts and service for Terex-Demag mobile cranes, including:

  • Truck cranes
  • Crawler cranes
  • All-terrain cranes
  • Boom trucks
  • Rough-terrain cranes
But if you need parts for tower cranes or overhead cranes, you can still get in touch and we'll be happy to give you a trusted recommendation.


Terex Cranes

Terex, above all else, aims to deliver success, manufacturing a variety of cranes that are suitable for any project. Below we’ve provided an overview of Terex’s crane types along with some features that separate their brand from the competition.

All Terrain Cranes: Combining the features of truck and rough terrain cranes, the advantage of all terrain lies in its ability to travel on most off-road surfaces. The cranes under Terex’s new All-Terrain Explorer series come with a variety of jibs, including swing away, light-fixed and luffing fly. All components are painted separately for added protection against rust.

Boom Truck Cranes: Comprised of a crane mounted top of a truck bed, boom truck cranes are great known for their ability to easily navigate a job site. Features of the Terex brand include independent outrigger controls for stability and control on rough terrains. In addition, exceptional winch line control allows for retracting and extending right down to the inch.

Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes: Though these cranes have to be assembled on-site, their height and size allow for the handling and transporting of loads that other cranes can’t support. Terex’s cranes utilize a module system, allowing for a variety of configurations to best fit your project. This system also allows for add-ons including jibs, vessel lifts and windmill kits.

Military Cranes: Military cranes serve additional duties along with those typically seen on civilian projects. These jobs might include ammunition handling and artillery replacement. The Terex staff includes expert engineers and military project teams, ensuring that all equipment is unmatched in quality.

Pick & Carry Cranes: Designed to lift and shift loads, pick & carry cranes are great for easy maneuvering around a cluttered job site. Features of the Terex crane include a state of the art cabin, including a digital load indicator, binnacle type dashboard and roomy interior. Furthermore, these cranes are powered by a six cylinder intercooled engine.

Rough Terrain Cranes: Living up to their name, rough terrain cranes are used to navigate rough terrains and unimproved job sites. Other advantages include easy maneuvering through confined areas. The steel that goes into Terex brand cranes are built to withstand extreme temperatures, while the axles and superstructures can handle mud, snow and extreme terrains. Cabins can also be fitted to include heating and air conditioning.

Telescopic Truck Cranes: Due to their adjustable height and mobility, these heavy cranes are a great addition to any fleet. For example, these cranes are a common sight in ports. When it comes to telescopic cranes, Terex understands that endurance is essential. Details like corrosion-protected connectors prevent downtime from eating into a job’s overall time. Furthermore, cabs are made to ensure operators are comfortable throughout a long lasting project.

Tower Cranes: Though available in a variety of designs, all tower cranes serve to lift and transport loads to and from great heights. Their large diameters also allow for easy reach around a job site. Terex builds flap top, hammerhead, luffing jib and self-erecting tower cranes. Each type provides easy access points for quick maintenance, comfortable cabs for operators, and safety features to reduce downtime.

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