Terex Truck Crane Parts: We Supply 'Em!

Terex Truck Crane Parts: We Supply 'Em!
6/29/2017 5:19:12 PM

Terex is known for its mobile, crawler, rough terrain and all terrain cranes. Within each group you’ll find nearly 50 different kinds of cranes. This can make finding the right part a challenge for a crane supply.

When a crane goes down, whether due to original parts breaking or reaching the end of their usable life, it’s important that you have a supplier who can deliver what you need quickly. Don’t hold up an important job waiting for a part to be delivered.

From air filter elements to sheaves and everything else you need,you can trust LC Crane to stock and ship your Terex crane parts. Here are just few of the parts we have—and some helpful definitions for those who are knew to the world of mobile cranes.

  • anemometer: These are used to indicate wind speed.
  • boom grease: The boom is part of the crane that supports the line or lines to which the load is attached, and boom grease is keeps telescopic mobile crane booms running by reducing friction.
  • cable drum assembly: The drum is the cylindrical component on the mobile crane that is used to store and dispense line; the line is wound or spooled onto the drum when the operator causes the drum to rotate.
  • hoist rope: This may be a single line attached to a ball, lift hook or other assembly;or the term may be used to describe the compound assembly of lines running through the hook block.
  • jib lacing: The jib is an extension to provide added boom length for lifting specified loads. The "jib lacing”or "boom lacing”angle or tubular lacing between main corner members (chords) of the boom,in the form of a truss.
  • outriggers: These are supports that extend from the carrier vehicle to the ground to provide stability; outriggers are composed of beams and jacks.
  • pads: Wood, metal, or synthetic assemblies that are placed under the adjustable ends of the outriggers or tracks; these items increase the amount of bearing and support given by the outriggers or the tracks to the crane.
  • sheaves: These are the wheels or pulleys located in a hook block, boom heads, or other parts of the crane boom on which the line runs.
  • tracks: These are the carrier system used to move certain cranes (instead of wheels).


Terex crane parts are available worldwide from LC Crane. We ship them for new Terex crane models and older models.We’re also a crane service company offering services including repairs and rebuilding of equipment, an experienced diagnostic team and 24-hour on-call response.

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