Terex Unveils Load Alert System for Aerial Devices

Terex Unveils Load Alert System for Aerial Devices
6/21/2016 11:35:08 AM

Operating Hi-Ranger aerial devices just became significantly safer thanks to Terex Utilities. Terex, a leading manufacturer of lifting and material handling solutions, recently unveiled the new Terex Load Alert system option, which they say will supplement utility crews’ current safe work practices. 

This overload-prevention system is an innovative new way to improve worksite safety and boost productivity in the field. Preventing equipment overloads can also cut down on crane maintenance costs, and help your company save money.

What does it do?

The Terex Load Alert system, available on selected Hi-Ranger aerial devices, uses an alarm and a warning light to notify operators when a platform or jib capacity is exceeded. A monitor in the truck also displays the word "overload,” and operators and ground crews are alerted to the potential safety hazard.

Customers can also choose to receive alerts about overloads through wireless notifications via text or email. This system allows supervisors and fleet directors to better manage their equipment, even when not on site. These notification reports can be sent to specified locations, such as the fleet department, to indicate exactly which truck has exceeded its capacity.

How does it work?

The Load Alert system works with an aerial device’s material-handling load chart to monitor, and analyze a truck’s jib and basket capacity, the winch line’s load, the winch line’s distance from the platform’s pivot point, and boom positions. The technology automatically detects any overload to these systems.

What is Terex saying about its new technology?

At the Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia, Terex Utilities director of marketing Joe Caywood stated that the load-sensing technology is "the first-of-its-kind for insulated utility aerial devices.” 

Caywood added that "(Terex’s) number one priority is operators’ and crews’ safety, which is best achieved by our ongoing efforts to develop unique, innovative products for the utility industry that further enhance existing safe work practices in the field.”

Caywood did caution that even if an aerial device is equipped with a Terex Load Alert system, operators must remain within the limits of the load chart or platform capacity decal to ensure safety.

Terex developed the new overload system in response to field crews’ demand for improved operator aids. Terex says they "continue to listen to, and partner with [their] customers.” Given that safety is a top priority for all crane operators, Terex’s new technology certainly comes as a welcomed innovation. The automatic visual and audible alarms will minimize the risk of equipment failure, and will make every crane operation much safer.

When can you purchase the Load Alert system?

The Load Alert system is only available on select Hi-Ranger units, but will be available for other models in the near future.

What else does Terex offer?

For a full list of Terex’s products, including drilling equipment, utility truck parts, and aerial devices, be sure to visit their website. To equip your cranes with Load Alert technology, contact your Terex account representative. If you haven’t worked with Terex before, you can call 1-800-982-8975 for more information.

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