Winter Worksite Safety Tips

With winter just around the corner, now is the time to start implementing a safety plan for your workers. Without a safety plan in place, having workers that are unprepared can result in disastrous, potentially lethal accidents and hefty OSHA fines. Continue reading as we dive into a few safety tips to keep in mind for your worksite during the cold months to come.

Dress in layers

Wearing multiple layers of clothing is one of the best ways to insulate yourself from the bitter cold. Regardless of how warm-blooded you think you are, wind chill on the worksite is something you will definitely need to account for when getting dressed for work in the morning.

Use good quality boots and gloves

Cutting expenses by buying cheap boots or gloves can be very dangerous. Without good quality boots and gloves, you risk getting frostbite, which can eventually lead to amputation. Products made with “thinsulate” material are ideal because not only are they efficient at keeping you warm, but they are lightweight and comfortable too.

You will want to make sure that you’re wearing thick wool socks and boots that are water resistant/repellent to account for ice that will melt throughout the day. Slipping and falling on ice at the worksite due to cheaply made boots will not make OSHA happy.

Wear clothes that allow for evaporation

Staying dry internally is just as critical as staying dry externally. You will want to make sure that your clothes allow for evaporation as well as minimal sweat absorption. Your body is sure to heat up quickly under all those layers once the sun comes out, and clothes that absorb your sweat can freeze and result in hypothermia.

Follow the worksite’s flame resistant regulations

When wearing layers, certain worksites require you to wear flame resistant clothing as your outermost layer. If this is the case for your worksite, you’ll want to make sure that any additional hoodie that you’re wearing is also flame resistant. If it’s not, simply tucking the hoodie into the outermost layer of flame resistant clothing will suffice. Make sure that any beanie or helmet liner that you’re wearing is also flame resistant.

Prepare yourself and your workers for this coming winter. From hypothermia to frostbite, cold weather injuries can be just as deadly as heat illnesses. At LC Crane Parts & Service, we make sure that our workers are prepared for any type of weather year-round. If you have any further questions about safety this winter season, don’t hesitate to contact us!